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This ABA-based app is developed for children with autism to help them recognize sounds of various household appliances such as washing machine, vacuum cleaner, toaster, coffeemaker and blender.

Sounds of the House is part of the Shanesh COLORS Program, designed to deliver intense, evidence-based intervention to children with special needs, especially autism spectrum disorders.

The app, with the aid of assistive technology, helps build receptive skills that are essential to live an independent life. Built on the discrete trial part of applied behavior analysis, it includes colorful audio-visual prompts and a highly interactive gameplay environment.

In the actual gameplay environment the child is first introduced to a set of sounds before he or she is asked to link a particular sound to its correct source. For each question there is one correct source and one distracter.

Each time the child gives a correct response, a sound is played as a token of reward. This technique is based on the rule of positive reinforcement.

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