iLearnNEarn2 – School and Adult Series
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iLearnNearn2 – Adult Series is a curriculum based special needs education App. It uses EDEN Autism Service’s curriculum for Adults. The Curriculum facilitates continued skill acquisition for adults with autism spectrum disorders in a variety of domains. It includes key areas: Self-care, Domestics, Vocational, and Recreation and Leisure; defined by Primary, Intermediate, and Secondary skill levels.

This App is a comprehensive educational intervention. It integrates Assessment, Program or content creation and Teaching in single App.

An Assessment can be used to establish learning goals of an adult student.

You can quickly create Programs using various easy to use Program templates or can build Programs from scratch. A teacher can set up teaching Programs as per student’s learning needs either through Assessment section or directly. Programs can be created for any intervention method that you use for teaching.

A Program using default template includes all tasks defined in Procedural steps. These tasks can be customized to suit learning needs, goals and preferences of a student.

Multiple learning objects like Image, Audio, Video and interactive points can be used to create a Program.

** A QUICK LOOK : iLearnNEarn2 – Adult Series **

- A curriculum based special needs education App for Adult
- Uses Adult Series curriculum by EDEN Autism Services
- Includes about 200 skills
- Covers key domains: Self Care, Domestic, Vocational, Physical Education/Leisure
- Integrates Students, Assessments, and Programs modules
- Create and Assign Programs
- Variety of templates for Program creation
- Auto log of Play sessions
- Reports to view progress

The App is developed by WebTeam Corporation in collaboration with EDEN Autism Services.

** About EDEN Autism Services **

The organization has nearly 40 years of clinical experience and success in educating individuals with autism, and training family members, educators, and other professionals in these best practices.

** About WebTeam Corporation **

WebTeam Corporation has been working closely with the special needs community in the United States and abroad to develop educational apps for individuals on autism spectrum.

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** Note: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 5.1 or Later **


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