Face Read 1 - Autism Series
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Can your child make out who is HAPPY and who is ANGRY just by looking at their faces? Here is a fun way to recognize emotions. This app uses pictures of children showing various emotions. So, download this app and find out how who is Happy, Angry, Surprised, Sad or Tired.
The app gives real perspective to our popular app ‘What’s your expression” which uses 3D characters to model emotions.
‘Face Read 1’ utilizes ABA method of intervention delivery to children with developmental disabilities, special education needs or Autism.
This app is part of iLearnNEarn (iLNE) App series and is organized into multiple Learn & Play sections. Each section includes visual prompts.
Here is how the app progresses -
STEP 1 – Training – A picture of human face wearing an emotion is shown with the audio and text prompt.
STEP 2 – DT/Play - The Play part of a LEARN & PLAY section works like this –
- Each screen displays visual prompt and distracters
- the child is prompted to find picture showing specific emotion
STEP 3 – Reward - Each correct response is rewarded with an animation.

Available on:
Android Market
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